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Creating a Number Tree Dictionary in a Pdf Document
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Author:  gtm [ Mon Feb 07, 2022 6:31 pm ]
Post subject:  Creating a Number Tree Dictionary in a Pdf Document

Can someone point me to an example for creating a number tree dictionary? I found the following below in the PdfSharp source, but I'm not sure how to utilize it. I would like to use this for maintaining a Page Label Name for each page in a document.

// <summary>
/// (Optional; PDF 1.3) A number tree defining the page labeling for the document.
/// The keys in this tree are page indices; the corresponding values are page label dictionaries.
/// Each page index denotes the first page in a labeling range to which the specified page
/// label dictionary applies. The tree must include a value for pageindex 0.
/// </summary>
[KeyInfo("1.3", KeyType.NumberTree | KeyType.Optional)]
public const string PageLabels = "/PageLabels";

Thank you for your consideration,

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